Monday, December 1, 2008

Debilitating conditions in Karachi

The tragic Mumbai attacks have overshadowed the debilitating conditions in Karachi. Since last Saturday, violence and cross-fires have taken a toll of at least 32 lives, while injuring more than 50 people. However, these riots are anything but purely accidental. For months, various informed sources warned about the possibility of violent repression against particular ethnic groups in the name of fighting the so-called Talibanisation. The Talibanisation-specter, apparently, subsided in the last couple of months after it was exposed and scrutinized in the Pakistani media and public sphere. It could no longer be used as a smoke screen that easily. With the ongoing clashes between the militant elements of the two ethnic groups, are we seeing the real face of the conflict? What role (or lack thereof) is the security apparatus of the state playing in this conflict? Where is the writ of the national government?

Karachi bleeds again: Worse to Come? - Adil Najam,

Riots leave 32 dead in Pakistan's port city Karachi - AFP

MQM, ANP condemn violence in city - The News

Below Urdu news story is from Jang News, December 1, 2008

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